Biblical Womanhood

I also fear the loss of womanhood. I revel in being a woman. We are all one in Christ Jesus. (See Galatians 3:28, Genesis 1:27) And yet, not created to play the same role. There is something beautiful in knowing that I was created differently from a man and I don’t want myself, and others, to lose what that means. There is beauty in being a biblical woman. There is beauty in being a biblical man. I believe that being a biblical woman doesn’t lower who you are or what you can accomplish or what your role can be in society. I do fear the damage of trying to be something we weren’t created to be, to families, to society, to our mental heath.

Trusting God for He is Faithful

To trust requires a relationship.  There needs to be a reason to trust and that reason can only come through knowing what it is that you trust in.  God’s qualities, His nature, cannot be limited.  Every quality of His is a reason to trust Him.   Learning and growing in that knowledge is a wonderful and worthy challenge that will take our lifetime, if we seek it.  Today I want to share on His faithfulness.  You cannot trust one who is not faithful.

Worship (Part 5)

I want to reiterate that worship isn’t a formula or rules.  Worship is how we conduct our lives.  I do believe that all of what we do is a form of worship, although it may be that certain actions aren’t choosing to worship our God, but the god of this world. 

I want to share some tips for people who feel too overwhelmed and busy to put God first in their life.

Worship (Part 4)

As a christian it’s easy to say we worship God or to tell others that they should worship God.  I could attempt to sum this up quickly with the truth that God is worthy of our worship so therefore we worship Him. Period. End of Story. And in the end that is the reality!  But I know for myself that’s not satisfying enough.  I need more to turn that from duty to love.  Worship stems from our hearts; it’s love.

Worship (Part 3)

We live in a world that is screaming that whatever makes us happy is not only acceptable but is something we should actively seek.  Do what “feels good.”   I believe that you are either worshiping God or you are worshiping something else.  Whether it be a false god, your job, your spouse, your child, wealth, societal standards etc…  Anything that you put first in your life is what you are choosing to worship.  That is the devastatingly beautiful thing of free will.  We have the choice, because our God is a loving God and while He is demanding and exacting (because He is holy) in how we worship Him, he does not force us to worship Him.  The beauty of Jesus’ salvation is the liberty we are given when we are born again.  We are now enabled through the Holy Spirit to choose right worship, instead of our sinful desires.